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This film is a giant mind fuck.

Humanity’s sinful nature is on full display... a huge accomplishment for first time director Stuart Sauvarin.

Bloody good fun!


– \ȯr-ə-ˈgä-mē\

  1. The traditional Japanese technique of folding a paper in a variety of forms.
  2. The art of deception, to represent oneself in a different shape or form.


– \ˈfäks\

  1. The fox is known for its cunning ability and has acquired the image of a trickster, and often considered a signal of the deceased.
  2. Typically, they live in small family groups, and are opportunistic feeders that hunt live prey.



For siblings Brie, Daniel, Crew, and Jess, family has always come first. But when Crew (Daniel DiTomasso) invites his girlfriend Sara (Kate French) into the family, distrust begins to bubble between the siblings. Seeing Sara as a threat, Brie (Fiona Dourif) grows spiteful and increasingly suspicious that she is being replaced. That is, until the night Crew attempts to murder her in their family house.

Traumatized, Brie is sent to a mental facility where she is tormented by hallucinations of Crew from the night of the attack. But when the visions begin to bleed into reality, Brie starts to fear that it’s not just her sanity that’s in danger, and she flees the facility. In a frantic attempt to return to her remaining siblings and warn them, Brie begins to uncover a trail of gory, sinister secrets that lead her to believe that she might not know her family as well as she thought.


Fiona Dourif
Daniel DiTomasso
Kate French
Andrew James Allen
Caitlin Harris
Teni Panosian


Stuart Sauvarin


Tall, dark, and about as handsome as it gets, Crew (Daniel DiTomasso) has been the de facto figurehead of the family since the passing of their parents. He’s never let anything get in the way of the bond he shares with his siblings, but now that he’s fallen for Sara and asked her to marry him, Crew is about to find out just how hard it is to bring an outsider into the family.


If being forced to live in Crew’s groomed and sculpted shadow didn’t torture Daniel enough, seeing a woman like Sara wrapped around his finger probably did the trick. Though he may have eyes for his brother’s fiancé, Daniel (Andrew James Allen) is more than capable of using the local ladies for a bit of a fun distraction.


If there’s a peacemaker in the midst of the growing family tension, it’s the calm and caring Jess (Caitlin Harris), who does what she can to remind the increasingly distraught Brie that, though Crew may have a new fiancé, family is family, and nothing can change that.


Brie (Fiona Dourif) would put her family before anything. And she would hope that her family would do the same for her. But when Crew tries to bring Sara in as another member of the family, Brie can’t help but feel threatened. Ferociously protective of the connection she has to her brother, Brie’s paranoia causes her imagination to get a little carried way.


The stunningly beautiful and unquestionably sweet Sara (Kate French) sees Crew as her absolute perfect match. And now that she’s about to spend the rest of her life with the man of her dreams, Sara isn’t too preoccupied with getting caught up in family matters… even if she should be.


Undeniably adorable and playfully flirtatious, it’s no wonder she’s caught Daniel’s ever-wandering eye. Once she agrees to let Daniel take her out,  Peni (Teni Panosian) is in for one hell of a date.



At Cottonwood Sanitarium, the doctor tending to the patient known simply as “Brie”, kept a meticulous journal that came to light after the gruesome events.